There are a number of reasons people sometimes give up their pets including illness, financial concerns, allergies, pet behavior issues, or unexpected litters. Regardless of the reason(s), Toledo Animal Rescue may be able to help.

Toledo Animal Rescue urges pet owners to consider other options BEFORE surrendering their animal.

Before You Surrender Your Pet:

Please consider the following resources:

Consider relatives or friends who may be willing and able to provide the animal with a loving home.

Consider an online search can help find local breed-specific rescue groups if the animal is a purebred.

Consider finding a pet-friendly apartment. Try visiting one of the many websites tailored to the needs of pet owners, such as or

Surrendering an Animal:

People who decide to surrender a animal must schedule an appointment to surrender their pets. There is a $40 surrender fee due at the time of appointment. No animal will be turned away for an owner's inability to pay.

To discuss surrendering an animal call:
419-382-1130 • Mon - Sat, 12 pm - 4 pm (Closed Wednesdays, Sundays and Holidays)

Please note that Toledo Animal Rescue's ability to accept surrenders depends on available space and the animal's behavior and condition.

Please bring the following with you to your surrender appointment:

Vet and vaccination records,

$40 surrender fee,

Completed surrender form (available for download below on this webpage),

Animal (on a leash or in a carrier), and

Driver’s license or state ID (must be 18 or older).

Once you have your appointment:

We recommend you bring a small item the animal is familiar with to help reduce stress (if possible).

Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Bring the completed surrender form with your to your appointment.

Once the animal is surrendered, you can't obtain information about the animal, including the animal's adoption status. To avoid stress on the animal, you will not be permitted to visit the animal.


The Toledo Animal Rescue makes every effort to place healthy, friendly animals in new, loving homes. However, we cannot guarantee rehoming or adoption of the animal. The placement of an individual animal for adoption is based on an evaluation of his or her health and temperament. Once an animal is placed up for adoption at the Toledo Animal Rescue, there is no time limit in which the animal can remain up for adoption.

Stray Animal Surrenders:

If you find a stray animal, it needs to be taken to the designated municipal animal control facility where the animal was found.

Lucas County Canine Care and Control 

  • How You Can Help the Animals at Toledo Animal Shelter Everyday!
    Even if you can't come to the shelter, there are still many ways you can help the animals everyday! Click on the buttons to the right to learn about all the fun & easy ways you can help!
    The Toledo Animal Shelter is now part of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. If you register on the Kroger web site, every time you shop and use your Kroger Plus Card Kroger will make a donation to the Toledo Animal Shelter at no cost to you.
    Go to If you have an account, log in, and if you don't, just click "Register" and follow the prompts.
    1. On your account homepage, click "Enroll" in Community Rewards.
    2. Search for "Toledo Animal Shelter" or enter 83879., check the box next to Toledo Animal Shelter and hit "enroll".
    3. Our organization (NPO) number is 83879.

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