Clear the Shelters - Rescue Reunion

Saturday, August 17, 2019
12:00 pm5:00 pm
Clear the Shelters - Rescue Reunion

Hundreds of shelters across the country are teaming up with NBC Owned Television Stations and Telemundo for Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption drive held in August!

As part of the Clear the Shelters, we encourage people who have already rescued a dog from the Toledo Animal Rescue to stop by the on Aug 17th with your pup for our Second Annual Rescue Reunion! We would love the opportunity to see how everyone is doing. Several rescue pups visited us last year and we hope they come back this year!

For your four-legged family member, we will have puppy treats and a nifty Rescue bandanna! And don’t worry, we will have something for all the humans too. Think of it as a class reunion for your dog (and they may get on TV)!

If your dog isn’t a rescue, but would like to attend, we want to meet your pooch too!!

If you have volunteered at the Rescue or are a loyal supporter, we want to see you as well! Stop by and say hi.

There is no charge for this event...we just want to see everyone again and make some new friends.

Our Rescue Reunion takes place during the Clear the Shelters event at the Toledo Animal Rescue between 12 pm and 5 pm!

PLEASE NOTE: All animals attending the Reunion event are required to be on a leash, healthy and up-to-date on all vaccines, and under the owner's control at all times. Toledo Animal Rescue does not guarantee the health, behavior, or vaccination status of animals participating in the Reunion event. By bringing your dog to the event you are assuming responsibility for your animal and any damages they incur or may cause from/to other people, animals, or the property/facility.

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