You can submit lost or found animal information below. We will post it on our website as soon as possible. Please let us know if the status of the animal has changed so we can remove the post. To remove your posting send an email to

We have put together this section on the website to help reunite owners with their lost pets as quickly as possible. The Toledo Animal Rescue traditionally takes in animals that are being surrendered by owners who can no longer keep them. The Lucas County Dog Warden traditionally receives stray dogs picked up by either an Animal Control Officer or any private citizen. Often, a family will shelter a lost pet while trying to find the rightful owner. They should make every reasonable attempt to locate the owner, which would include calling the local shelters and the Lucas County Dog Warden. The Rescue keeps lost and found reports and attempts to match these up with owners as soon as possible on a daily basis. After you fill out this form, there are still several other things you should do. We encourage you to come to the Rescue and ask to personally look at the cats brought in as "strays" or visit the Lucas County Dog Warden for dogs brought in as “strays”. This is particularly important if your pet is a mixed breed because descriptions of the actual breed types can vary widely from one person to the next. Advertise in the paper or post on for your lost or found pet. A picture of your pet along with a description is usually helpful when posting notices. You might try posting your pet's picture at all major intersections near the area where it was lost. You can also post these notices at nearby markets, pet supply stores, or any other place a person sheltering your pet might need to go for supplies. Advertise at all nearby Veterinary clinics. Keep in mind that if your pet has been injured, a "Good Samaritan" will often take it to the nearest Vet. (Most clinics have a special board for lost and found notices.) If you are near the Lucas County border, call and file a lost or found report in the neighboring shelters or Animal Control. A list of area facilities can be found on our Additional Resources Page.


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  • How You Can Help the Animals at Toledo Animal Shelter Everyday!
    Even if you can't come to the shelter, there are still many ways you can help the animals everyday! Click on the buttons to the right to learn about all the fun & easy ways you can help!
    The Toledo Animal Shelter is now part of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. If you register on the Kroger web site, every time you shop and use your Kroger Plus Card Kroger will make a donation to the Toledo Animal Shelter at no cost to you.
    Go to If you have an account, log in, and if you don't, just click "Register" and follow the prompts.
    1. On your account homepage, click "Enroll" in Community Rewards.
    2. Search for "Toledo Animal Shelter" or enter 83879., check the box next to Toledo Animal Shelter and hit "enroll".
    3. Our organization (NPO) number is 83879.

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