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Toledo Animal Rescue requires a surrender fee for each animal taken into our Rescue.  If you have any questions or are unable to afford the full surrender fee, please contact us and we will attempt to make accommodations based on your financial situation.


  • Cats/Kittens - $25 (Litters are $60)
  • Dogs/Puppies - $50 (Litters are $80)

There are so many reasons someone may need to surrender a pet.  They may have fallen on hard economic times, taken ill, moved to a location that does not allow your pet, or developed allergies previously unknown.  There may be new animal behavior issues causing stress in the household or you simply have too many pets to adequately care for each. Regardless of the circumstances, Toledo Animal Rescue may be able to help.

Toledo Animal Rescue urges you to consider other options BEFORE surrendering your beloved companion.  Feel free to call us to talk through your options and find some additional resources.

Before You Surrender Your Pet:

Have you consider relatives or friends who may be willing and able to provide the animal with a loving home?   Often reaching out to those in your circle is the quickest best case scenario.  Have you looked into behavior training for your pet?  Toledo Animal Rescue works with and highly recommends Ready, Set...Train!  Cory and Max work with our Rescue animals and staff weekly and are highly skilled in helping even the most stubborn situation.  If you are looking for a new apartment that allows pets and fits your budget, try visiting one of the many websites tailored to the needs of pet owners, such as or  

Steps to Surrendering An Animal:

Please note that Toledo Animal Rescue's ability to accept surrendered cats and dogs depends on our available space and the needs/behaviors of the individual animal(s).

All potential animal surrenders must first have a Surrender Application on file.  They can be found below:

Once an application is received, we will contact you to discuss options and if the application is approved and appropriate space is available, we will schedule a time to bring your animal to the Rescue for surrender.

PLEASE NOTE:  Those named on the Surrender Application as the legal owner/care giver of the animal must be present at the scheduled appointment time.

What to Expect During Your Appointment:

Allow approximately 30 minutes for your appointment so that we may adequately examine and assess your animal.  Any animal not able to be handled by staff will not be accepted to the Rescue.

Please remain in your vehicle.  A member of our Team will greet you at your car to begin the surrender process. Please have your identification available upon request.

Have all applicable medical/vet records with you at the time of your appointment.

All dogs must be on a leash or harness

All cats must be securely contained in a carrier or lidded box.

We will transport the animal from vehicle into the Rescue to begin the examination and behavioral assessments.  

Staff will return any carriers or leashes back to your vehicle at the conclusion of the appointment.

Aggressive animals or animals with major medical issues/injuries may not be accepted to the Rescue

Feral cats and wild stray dogs WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED to the Rescue

After Surrendering an Animal:

If desired, Toledo Animal Rescue will inform you when your pet has been adopted.

While we wish we could provide ongoing updates, it is not always possible to do so.  You may call to get periodic updates if you would like. 

Not all adoptable animals make it to our website so you may not see them if you search.  Some are adopted so quickly, we do not have the opportunity to post them as available.  This is a good thing!!

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